Add Yahoo emoticons in Orkut scraps

By | December 21, 2007

OrkutFew days after writing the post “Write Orkut scraps in Indian languages” using Greasemonkey script, Google has introduced that feature and now it is inbuilt in Orkut. Now, I will show you the way to embed Yahoo emoticons into your Orkut scraps. A little emoticon can express your feeling much better than words.

For this, we need, as usual, Firefox, GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox, and Yahoo Emoticons User Script.

Read my previous post about installing GreaseMonkey in Firefox. If you know how to install an extension in Firefox, just click here and install GreaseMonkey.  Restart the Firefox and click here to get the user script, which GreaseMonkey instantly recognizes and comes up with a window asking for confirmation. Click “Install” and you are done. Now go to your scrapbook and you will see Yahoo and MSN emoticons appearing below the scrap box. Whenever you need an emoticon to be attached to the scrap, just click on the appropriate icon and a link will be inserted into your scrap that turns into an emoticon when it is posted. Enjoy!!!

Yahoo Emoticons in Orkut Scrap

Update: December 7, 2010

Script is not working anymore on the new version of Orkut.  Sorry guys!

Update: May 30, 2008

Modified the script to work for

Update: July 17, 2009

PhotoBucket account was inactive and showing up “inactive msg blocks” in place of emoticons.  Moved all emoticons to ImageShack for better service.

Update: September 6, 2009

Orkut changed the scrap book path.  Modified the script to work with the new path.

83 thoughts on “Add Yahoo emoticons in Orkut scraps

  1. __Shruti__

    __hey naveen__ 😀

    ___itS 0sum bl0sSum deahr__

    _its w0rkin ve||y nyShly 0n m0zi||a___

    ___wo0 ho0___ \m/

    ___thnkSh…….___________thnkSh a t0n___

    ____keep it up___br0__

    _ew raWk___tk cah______ 🙂 ___

  2. Anand aka trailblazer

    Hello Naveen, just wondering, whether it is possible shorten the urls of image shack using and get it working? 🙂

  3. RahuL

    ….solvd ma problm !!
    yahoo smilez in firefox 3.5.7 !!
    thnxx dude !!

  4. olivia

    i m nt getting des emoctionz .. i hv followed d same procedure given derr..

  5. tanmay

    only half of d icons r working….rest others aren’t……can u help???

    1. Naveen Post author

      Seems to be problem with the icon hosting site. Will upload and update the script. Once I update it, I will send message to all subscribers.


    Thanx man its working…..add me all on orkut 🙂 …all are noob who dont know how to install this script 😛

  7. meet

    on google chrome my orkut fnts are appearing vry large dnt knwy font changed…?/ help me out dis prob. is on google chrome only…???

    1. Naveen Post author

      Try this and see if it works: Press the control button on your keyboard and scroll the scroll button on your mouse back to decrease or forward to increase the size of the font.

  8. BINIT

    Hey Naveen ur blog content is very nice and also your helping attitude!
    You seem to be excited about technology, And this attitude will help you reach the success…


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