Add Yahoo emoticons in Orkut scraps

By | December 21, 2007

OrkutFew days after writing the post “Write Orkut scraps in Indian languages” using Greasemonkey script, Google has introduced that feature and now it is inbuilt in Orkut. Now, I will show you the way to embed Yahoo emoticons into your Orkut scraps. A little emoticon can express your feeling much better than words.

For this, we need, as usual, Firefox, GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox, and Yahoo Emoticons User Script.

Read my previous post about installing GreaseMonkey in Firefox. If you know how to install an extension in Firefox, just click here and install GreaseMonkey.  Restart the Firefox and click here to get the user script, which GreaseMonkey instantly recognizes and comes up with a window asking for confirmation. Click “Install” and you are done. Now go to your scrapbook and you will see Yahoo and MSN emoticons appearing below the scrap box. Whenever you need an emoticon to be attached to the scrap, just click on the appropriate icon and a link will be inserted into your scrap that turns into an emoticon when it is posted. Enjoy!!!

Yahoo Emoticons in Orkut Scrap

Update: December 7, 2010

Script is not working anymore on the new version of Orkut.  Sorry guys!

Update: May 30, 2008

Modified the script to work for

Update: July 17, 2009

PhotoBucket account was inactive and showing up “inactive msg blocks” in place of emoticons.  Moved all emoticons to ImageShack for better service.

Update: September 6, 2009

Orkut changed the scrap book path.  Modified the script to work with the new path.

83 thoughts on “Add Yahoo emoticons in Orkut scraps

  1. adesh

    hey buddy m nt getting the im options…!
    i’ve followed d procedure mentione ablove accurately..
    but still m no options for new emoticons is appearing there..

  2. Naveen Post author

    Just modified the script to work with Use the one I modified. If you still get problem, feel free to post it.

  3. binit

    Hello brother.. Nice blog.. Can u tell me what was the HTML code that you have used so that your website is appearing in the top of search results?
    Please tell me by email-
    I hope that you will reply me soon..

  4. Mann

    its fantastic man…..i just loved it…before i was using it someother way …now its easy cheers thx alot…

  5. Naveen Post author

    I haven’t used any code. I think i wrote first about that script. Just write unique content and you can see your blog appearing on top of search results.

    Thanks for taking time to comment!

  6. Wils

    Hi… its very nice yaar… Thank you very much.. I was thinking of the idea when I found your article….

    Please try to include that crying out loud emoticon too..

  7. Lee

    Naveen…thanx for the script man.I was facing trouble with the old one.Much respect!!!You rock \m/

  8. Phani Deepak

    Awesome man! Thanks for the script ..I’m loving it i always wanted yahoo smileys on orkut 🙂

  9. Sajith

    hai naveen.mea sajith………….
    can u jst say………..the steps to use it on orkut(i use internet explorer)

  10. Rishi Mehta

    I am not able to get the Yahoo and MSN Emoticons on my orkut page…please help

  11. raj

    thnx.. lot frd its awesome 😀
    neways do u knw how read lockd scrapbook 🙁

  12. Murli

    naveen dude…it’s rockin’ man . thanks a lot .

    u made it ??

  13. Sagar

    Arrey yar yeh nahi chal raha hai community me jab comment post karta hoon tab yeh kaam nahi karta hai

  14. Sagar

    Error loading user script:
    404: Not Found

    maine to ek hi script mangi thi yeh to 404 kah raha hai

  15. pooja..

    dese smileys r small in sizehow to improve their size

    1. Naveen Post author

      Search for big size emoticons, download them and upload to photobucket or imageshack. Once these emoticons are uploaded and you got the direct link, edit the script and modify the image URLs.

      If you are not able to do that, search for the emoticons you need and mail me the link, I will make the script for you 🙂

  16. angel

    myn is firefox 3.5 beta
    im facin problm in downloadin the emoticons
    can u help me??

    1. Naveen Post author

      There is no need to download anything. They are served from free image hosting sites.

  17. abhishek

    i have installed the script but i cant see the
    it is saying tht link inactive yahoo emotions’s account is not active since 90 days however i can use the smileys but its difficult as i cannot see wht i am using

    1. Naveen Post author

      Modified the script and moved all the emoticons to ImageShack. Check now and let me know if any problem arises.

      Thanks for letting me know about nonworking of the script.

  18. susheel

    naveen i am unable to get the script how to use it
    its just coming in words …not findin the way 2 instal it
    hope ull reply soon..thanx in advance

    1. Naveen Post author

      You need to have Firefox and then install Greasemonkey extension:

      Click on the Greasemonkey extension at the bottom of the Firefox, so that it turns yellow indicating that the extension is active. Then, click on this script:

      It recognizes script and installs it. When you go to scrap book…you can see the Yahoo and MSN emoticons below the box to insert it in scraps.

    1. Naveen Post author

      No, you cannot. Instead you can install in your system, make an image, host it on any free image-hosting service, and add it in your scraps.

    1. Naveen Post author

      Thanks abhi for taking this to my attention. Orkut changed the scrap book path, which was making it not to work. Modified the script right now. Download the latest.

      Deleting the scripts from GreaseMonkey:: Right click on the GreaseMonkey icon in the status bar. Choose “Manage User Scripts.” Select the script in “Included pages” box and click on the “Remove” button on the right side.

    1. Naveen Post author

      Thanks for notifying me. Modified the script. Delete the old script from GreaseMonkey and download new.

    1. Naveen Post author

      It seems that ImageShack’s servers are down. Will move icons to Google Picasa or Flickr and update the script this Sunday.

  19. owais

    awesm man………………………………
    hw u did it man…………………
    i really like it…………………………

    shoooooooo shweet………….

  20. ROX

    Thanks bro!!
    I’d having problem ..somewhere it was written that yahoo smileys have been temporarily disabled..But the one you’ve presented working absolutely…I Acknowledge ur contribution in the field of entertainment..Thanks once again![:)]

    1. Naveen Post author

      Sometimes installing an add-on fails. Just save the plugin to desktop and then open it with Firefox. That will solve your problem.


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