Adsense notifier not working

By | November 29, 2007

Adsense NotifierToday morning, when I saw at the status bar of the Firefox for Adsense statistics, I surprised to see a big amount floating on the status bar. I never got that much. Immediately, I have opened the account to see the statistics and felt sad 🙁 to see that Adsense Notifier is showing the “Clicks” count as “Earnings.” I felt that Google has updated the script and looked at AN’s homepage, Mincus Code. Allen of Mincus Code posted that he will be updating the script tonight or tomorrow. I setup the extension to show the statistics every one hour and it has become a habit for me to look at the status bar every hour or so.

I am eagerly waiting for the updated version of Adsense Notifier. If you are also fan of Adsense Notifier, start refreshing the AN’s home page to see if it is updated 🙂

Update: December 2, 2007: Updated version (0.9.5) has come that is working fine. Download it here:

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