Automatically upgrade your WordPress installation

By | August 25, 2008

Today, I had to update one of my customer’s WordPress blog from 2.5 to the latest version, 2.6.1. As it was hosted on a free hosting server, I had to manually upgrade. It was also first time for me to upgrade a WordPress installation manually because my hosting provider, DreamHost, offers a one click upgrade without needing any manual intervention.

So, I have downloaded the new version onto my desktop and read and understood WordPress’ Guide to Upgrading WordPress thoroughly. Then, logged into the free hosting provider’s control panel and started taking data and files backup. I thought the process of upgrading will be going to take at least one hour. When WordPress can do auto upgrade of plugins, why not the core installation, like SMF?  Then, started searching in Google whether anybody has made any attempts towards it. Luckily, I found one nice plugin that can auto-upgrade the WordPress installation, WordPress Automatic Upgrade by Techie Buzz. Just installed this plugin and with few clicks I was able to upgrade the installation to 2.6.1 in less than a minute. Thanks Keith.

Don’t forget to download the files and data backup it provides while attempting to upgrade. If it fails to upgrade for any reason, you can manually do it, but I am sure, it never fails 🙂

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  1. Naveen Post author

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