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By | November 4, 2008

My system has been giving problems lately with the hardware and at anytime, it can crash. So, I have purchased a WD Elements Portable 160GB USB hard drive and uploaded all the data onto it. Whenever I download a software, I keep a copy on my hard disk, so now I am having all the software copies. What I am missing is Firefox data. I use a number of extensions, tweaks, and themes and has huge number of usernames and passwords stored in it. So, this Sunday, I have searched and implemented few backup options and found FEBE as the best extension for it. Here is my review of this little useful extension that relieved my tension of being missing very important data:

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) allows Firefox users to quickly and easily backup extensions, themes, bookmarks, preferences, search plugins, and browser history. Before backing up, it will rebuild all the extensions individually into installable .xpi files, so you can sync the Firefox browser in your office and home. It also has option of scheduling the backups. Another useful feature in FEBE is backing up the data onto your’s free storage account, which makes this extension hot. I used to export the username and passwords list using Password Exporter plugin and then uploading them into account. Now, I don’t need to worry about manually uploading them. Just a click takes backup of all the data and stores a copy in your system as well as on Box account.

It also has quick backup option from which you can select few or only one item to be backed up saving your time.

FEBE Options Tab

Taking backup and uploading them into account

Showing progress of upload into account

Restoring the files is also easy. By going through Tools>FEBE>Restore option, you can restore all the data one by one.

Restore options

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