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Creating Dynamic Website Screenshots for Your Website

This week I have worked on a project, which required me to categorize few websites and show screenshots of those websites arranged neatly.  Special requirement was dynamic creation of website screenshots because if the administrator wants, he will just add the URL and the screenshot need to be generated automatically. I have searched for few… Read More »

How to know a link is DoFollow or not?

I see a lot of newbie webmasters asking how to know whether a link is DoFollow or NoFollow in the webmaster forums.  Some people say just see the source code to see whether there is a “NoFollow” attribute to the link.  If it is not there, it is a DoFollow.  But what if you are… Read More »

Add metallic style to your Gmail

Though Gmail has built-in feature to theme your Gmail, you will me amazed to see this metallic theme achieved through a tiny Firefox extension called, Google Redesigned.  It not only redesigns the Gmail look, but also the login form, Google Calendar, and Google Reader.  If you have a login ID at Mozilla, you can download… Read More »

Screengrab – Screen grabbing extension for Firefox

A new extension is added to my favorite Firefox extensions, Screengrab. Screengrab lets you save anything that is visible in the browser window as an image. You can either save the page or save the selection to clipboard, so that you can paste it into documents or emails. You can also save the entire scrollable… Read More »

Write Orkut scraps in Indian languages

These days I am heavily experimenting with GreaseMonkey scripts. This week I found few good scripts. I have already started explaining these scripts with my LiveLeak post. Second in the series is an Orkut Indic transliteration script, which enables writing scraps in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Malyalam. This script actually calls the Google’s Indic… Read More »

Adsense notifier not working

Today morning, when I saw at the status bar of the Firefox for Adsense statistics, I surprised to see a big amount floating on the status bar. I never got that much. Immediately, I have opened the account to see the statistics and felt sad 🙁 to see that Adsense Notifier is showing the “Clicks”… Read More »