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Axe Blast Commercial Song and Lyrics

Though lot of the TV commercials sound silly and nonsense, few are really good at attracting the viewers. Remember the old Dhara’s commercial on DD featuring a kid saying “Jalebi,”  Bajaj’s ad of “buland bharat ki buland tasveer – hamara bajaj,” Rasna’s “I love you Rasna,” and Cadbury’s “kya swad hai zindagi mein.” These were… Read More »

Replace your Personal Care Products with Natural Alternatives

Shampoo, toothpaste, and soap are made of chemicals and they are harmful in long term. Just google the words “personal care products harmful ingredients” and read. We know about it, but we still use them as we don’t know the better harmless alternatives, don’t have the access to them, or just simply they are easy… Read More »

07-07-07 at 07:07:07 PM

Today is somewhat special with all 7s in the date – 07-07-07 and I am writing this post at 07 pm 07 mins and 07 seconds (precisely say pressing the “Publish” button in my blog). I missed to write this post in the morning due to office, so writing in the evening. I read that… Read More »

New seven wonders – Vote for Taj Mahal

Do you love Taj Mahal and want to see it in new seven wonders, it’s time to show your love. Vote for Taj Mahal on New7Wonders site. Give the email ID correctly as you will receive an activation link to complete the voting process. Vote online here. Through SMS: Type <TAJ>space<NAME>space<AGE>space<M/F>space<CITY> and send it to… Read More »