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WordPress Old Permalinks 301 Redirect

Recently, I worked on a content-heavy site built on WordPress where it was decided to change the URL structure. It is obvious that once you change the URL structure in WordPress, old URLs will throw 404 error and eventually the site will lose traffic. URL structure in WordPress can be changed through the option “Permalinks”… Read More »

How to restore the Windows XP bootloader – After uninstalling Ubuntu

I have installed Ubuntu on Windows XP just to see how the new version is looking and try some features. At the end of the day, I have uninstalled it, but struck with the problem of bootloader. After installing Ubuntu, it has made changes to Windows bootloader so that while booting we can select Windows… Read More »

Creating Dynamic Website Screenshots for Your Website

This week I have worked on a project, which required me to categorize few websites and show screenshots of those websites arranged neatly.  Special requirement was dynamic creation of website screenshots because if the administrator wants, he will just add the URL and the screenshot need to be generated automatically. I have searched for few… Read More »