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WordPress Old Permalinks 301 Redirect

Recently, I worked on a content-heavy site built on WordPress where it was decided to change the URL structure. It is obvious that once you change the URL structure in WordPress, old URLs will throw 404 error and eventually the site will lose traffic. URL structure in WordPress can be changed through the option “Permalinks”… Read More »

Revolution WordPress themes – Open Source ????

Today, I was thinking to develop two WordPress sites for the upcoming projects of mine. While searching for the good themes, I recalled that Revolution themes have become open source. So went to and it redirected me the Site was looking nice. I browsed through the site, but unable to see any download… Read More »

Automatically upgrade your WordPress installation

Today, I had to update one of my customer’s WordPress blog from 2.5 to the latest version, 2.6.1. As it was hosted on a free hosting server, I had to manually upgrade. It was also first time for me to upgrade a WordPress installation manually because my hosting provider, DreamHost, offers a one click upgrade… Read More »

My favorite Magazine-Style WordPress Themes

Today, I am going to share my favorite “bookmarked” WordPress themes that look like CMS/Magazine. I wanted to make a post with all my favorite themes and came with this post. My favorite theme maker is Justin. He has more number of magazine-style themes to his credit than any other theme maker and I often… Read More »