Creating a Bootable USB Drive from Acronis True Image ISO

By | July 31, 2015

I have been using an old version of Acronis True Image for the last few years to clone my C drive to keep a copy of it. It makes the life easy as it can restore the entire C drive in just 10 minutes if something happens to my system, which otherwise would have taken half a day to full day with installing OS, Office, and other software I use. I would have also lost all the settings and any important files I have stored in C drive (I always keep the important files in other drives).

I just have the bootable rescue ISO file and not the entire software. I felt this the only thing I need and kept a copy of it in the system. I burned the ISO to a disk and have been using it since a long time. Few days ago, my system’s CD drive has failed and system was not booting from the CD drive and I had to take the backup of my system as Windows 10 is going to replace it. I want to keep a copy of it, so that if something does not work in Win 10, I can get back to Win 8 in few minutes.

So, I used Rufus to burn the ISO to USB drive and tried to boot from it, but in vain. I tried it with Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and failed. I searched in Google, but didn’t find a resolution to it. All the solutions required the complete Acronis True Image software.  Someone hinted in a forum to try with YUMI to create a bootable USB drive with option to load the ISO from it. I have tried various options in YUMI and succeeded. Following are the options, which worked for me.

Download the YUMI ”“ Multiboot USB Creator here. It is a small software that does not need installation. Open it and select your USB device in Step 1. Check the Format option if you want to format it. In Step 2, select the option “Try Unlisted ISO (GRUB),” then click “Browse” and select the Acronis True Image ISO you already have in the system. Then click “Create” and you are done. When you restart the system, press F8 to select the medium to boot from and select the USB/Pen Drive. Follow the options to select the True Image ISO and boot. You are done.

Acronis USB Bootable



34 thoughts on “Creating a Bootable USB Drive from Acronis True Image ISO

  1. Al

    Well done for finding this! After reading many useless articles on the topic I found yours and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot

  2. Suryo

    is there any prerequisites to do this step? Do I have to install any specific driver first? I’ve already tried this method and succeed get the .iso into the usb, but when I try to boot there is error 15 (file not found)

    1. na

      I second that. Also tried this solution with Acronis True Image 2016 BootCD iso.
      Yumi Tool does the job, but when trying to use the USB Stick, it gets loaded etc, you get to “select ISO”, and as soon you selected the Acronis ISO I also get an error 15: file not found.

      1. Robert

        Do not use spaces on the filename of the ISO. It will have problem when booting using GRUB.

  3. morteza

    very thanks
    this is worket.
    if that isnt work you must download a iso file from other sites

  4. Jeremy W.

    Thank you for this information! Searched Acronis’ site for an hour and they kept referring to Rescue Media Builder only. You saved a lot of people a lot of time by sharing this information! I can confirm that using Yumi with the GRUB option works perfectly using the AcronisTrueImage2015_en-EU.iso file that I just downloaded from Acronis.

  5. Norm

    Thank-you, Naveen! This is a much faster way to put the Acronis bootable ISO on a stick or flash drive. Your method worked very well.

  6. jason

    I Have a problem…
    I used Acronis true image on bootable DVD its work fine.
    but, when i put acronis.iso on my usb flash drive with YUMI ( Grub ) everything ok until i start PROCEED i receive the message: you use a trial version please buy on this adress etc etc
    i have an activated key i alerady activate acronis true image, any solution?

  7. Paul M.

    Thanks the tutorial has been useful.
    I was able to test Acronis running on YUMI, WinSetupFromUSB and Easy2Boot. For WinSetupFromUSB use the Linux ISO / Other Grub4dos option.
    For Easy2Boot the program creates folders on your USB, then copy the Acronis ISO to the USB folder F: \ _ ISO \ UTILITIES \ AcronisTrueImage.isogrub note that the extension has to be renamed .iso a .isogrub.
    The disadvantage of these methods is that it does not support UEFI

  8. Dave


    I have to thank you very much for this tip, I had a nightmare trying to restore an Acronis back-up on a single board computer. The machine does not have a disc drive and needed to use USB. I tried creating a bootable USB with Acronis and with rufus with no joy would not work. I had been trying many things all day then I found your blog. This worked first time you are a star.

    Thank you

  9. Roger_CWB

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
    You save me!

    PS.: excellent tool I put Clonezilla on the same pendrive, amazing!

    []s from Brasil!

  10. Dan

    You sir are awesome. Tried to solve this for hours, you saved the day!

  11. DBG


    i was able to create the bootable usb stick with this steps. the only thing that people may encounter is, when it’s used on Windows 10, you may get an error message “syslinux.exe stop working”
    i tried to run as admin but still get that message. to get rid of it, i had to format the stick as ntfs instead but the other choice stay the same.

  12. Ubertech99

    Don’t know why Acronis doesn’t offer a little ISO writer since they give you the option of the ISO separately. At any rate THANK YOU for this. It appears to work perfectly.

  13. SC

    Fought with Acronis bootable media for hours trying to create usb stick after I accidentally deleted mine.
    This worked the first time.
    Thank you.

  14. NenadG

    Thank you very much, it worked. After a very long search, this was the only article that solved my problem.

  15. j

    Paid ~$50 for TI-9, then immediately needed the free update for SATA; and the reply from Acronis was not available.

  16. Chris

    This will only work for Legacy boot, if your bios is only UEFI, it won’t work.

  17. antonio

    i opened the image with double click on windows 10 and copied everything on the usb flash drive. nothing else.


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