DreamHost Vs HostGator

By | December 8, 2011

DreamHost Vs HostGatorI started this blog in March 2007 after I acquired this domain name at SnapNames. I hosted this blog on DreamHost until November 2010. I then moved to HostGator to get rid of problems I was experiencing there. It has been a year since I moved to HostGator, so decided to write a review of these top brands in ”˜shared hosting’ arena.

When I started learning web designing and hosting, I only had one domain, this blog. It was running smooth on DreamHost. Then, after a year, I bought couple of domains and started experimenting and developing to learn various Content Management Systems.

In 2009, I was hosting nearly 10 domains on it with two sites getting good traffic. Others were in development and were receiving few visitors. In the middle of 2009, my blog and another site were getting around 2-3k visitors per day along with 1k visits from all other domains. This is the time, DremHost started to put me in trouble. Sites started to load too slow or broke up in the middle of loading. 4k visitors a day is not at all a heavy traffic that a shared hosting cannot handle. These sites were running on WordPress, Drupal, and MyBB with catching mechanism in place.

When contacted the DreamHost, they started to tell all the nonsense things. They were pointing to one or another plugin saying that it will cause problem on shared hosting and consumes too much resources. Though I disabled the plugins they pointed to, sites were showing up “500 internal server errors.” My blog has started to show empty page few times a day. The reason for it was killing processes automatically on the server and they showed the reason as excessive usage of memory. Just google the words “dreamhost killing processes” and you will see ‘n’ number of complaints.

Then, I decided to move to another host and read a lot of good things about HostGator. I signed up with them and moved all my domains to them. My blog has started to receive more and more traffic along with few other domains, which were in development earlier. Now, these sites are getting around 7-8k visitors per day without any problem. It has been a year now and I am really happy with the HostGator.  I never experienced a single problem with their shared hosting.


  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • Free Domain


  • Only good for static sites.
  • Can’t handle more than 2-3k visits.
  • Downtime issues.
  • No telephone support (chargeable call back service available).


  • Can handle heavy-traffic sites.
  • Cheaper than DreamHost ($95.52/year with 20% off coupon)
  • Faster response to tickets.
  • Chat support.


  • Nil (at least for me)

In conclusion, HostGator is the best in shared hosting industry. Never, signup with DreamHost, you will end up moving to another host when your site gets decent traffic and it will be a headache at that time.

7 thoughts on “DreamHost Vs HostGator

  1. Ramesh

    One question, as you got free domain from Dreamhost, so when you moved out of dreamhost, have they taken domain back from you or you’re still allowed to use that domain on Hostgator?

    1. Naveen Post author

      I sold the domain, which I registered for free before moving out of DH. As they say, the free domain can be kept until the free registration period ends and you can further opt for paid renewal and keep the domain as long as you like in your DH account.

  2. Jim Luthra

    Is hostgator good? I was thinking to go for hostgator. Plz tell me which would be better DH or HG?

    My blog the-area51 . com

  3. Anurag Gogna

    Nice Review. I am planning to move to a paid host for my new tech blog and host gator was already my 1st choice after reading the reviews online. Thanks for sharing the experience and making me more sure about host gator. Can you please tell which Plan of hostgator do you use currently ? and for how many websites ?

    1. Naveen Post author

      Around five busy blogs of relatives and friends. We have VPS from them for the customer sites.

  4. abhishek

    can u advise why go for the VPS if the shared hosting was good enough?


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