Find duplicate photos in your collection with one click

By | August 23, 2013

If you have a large collection of photos and you might think there is more than one copy of few photos, this tiny free tool  called “Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder” will help you find them.  This powerful software searches through folders and finds duplicates. It shows the duplicates side by side and offers you one-click deletion. I just tested it with a bunch of photos and it worked wonders. It has instantly come up with the image that has a duplicate.

For testing, I have copied few images into a folder. I have duplicated an image and resized it to more than half of what original size is.  Ran the software and it showed up both images saying that 68% similarity is found. Check the below screenshot.


A great tool for cleaning your hard disk with duplicate photos.  Download it at it’s official site at:

Mirrors: Non-Portable Version | Portable Version

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