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By | May 20, 2009

ZoomIt is a free screen zooming and annotation tool, which is very useful tool for the people who give presentations through projectors.  It is a tiny application, only 130 KB and has lot of functions like zooming, drawing, and typing on the zoomed screen.

It is just a single file which you can place anywhere and once you start it, it sits in the system tray and you can access it with hotkeys.  When you use it first time it shows the hotkeys already assigned and gives an option to modify them as per our choice.

It has the features like (default hotkeys are listed along with in brackets):

  • Zoom (Ctrl+1)
  • Draw (Mouse Left Click)/Cancel Drawing (Mouse Right Click)
  • Changing Pen Color (Type “r” for Red, “g” for green, “b” for blue, “o” for orange, “y” for yellow, and “p” for pink)
  • Pen Width (Mouse Wheel or Up and Down Arrow Keys)
  • Straight Line (Hold down the Shift Key while drawing)
  • Rectangle (Hold down the Ctrl Key while drawing)
  • Ellipse (Hold down the Tab Key while drawing)
  • Copy Zoomed Screens (Ctrl+C)
  • Save Zoomed Screens (Ctrl+S)
  • Draw Without Zoom (Ctrl+2)
  • Typing (Press “t” from keyboard)
  • Arrow Key (Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left move with mouse)

This is a free product and you can get it from Microsoft’s website here.


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One thought on “Free and tiny screen zooming and annotation software

  1. Veena

    Thank you for this wonderful post, I was looking for similar tool and windows magnifier didn’t really help me the way I wanted it to work.



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