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By | November 27, 2008

You might have received emails and snail mails from banks to opt for email statements rather than physical printed statements.  Few banks even offered cash prizes and free goodies to the customers who have opted for email statements as part of their echo-friendly initiatives. There are lot of organizations that are working towards echo-friendly things.  GoReadGreen is also a site that is working towards promoting digital magazines by which, they think, can reduce the printed version of the magazines and save the trees.

As a part of their “Read Green Initiative”, they are offering free one year subscription to over 200 popular magazines like MIT’s Technology Review, Popular Science, Reader’s Digest, Popular Science, Playboy Mexico, Penthouse, Interior, Yoga, iPhone Life, etc.  All magazines will be available for reading online and offline through Zinio.

They say, “many groups and associations are dedicated to exploring earth-friendly efforts such as recycling programs, reducing newsstand distribution and ensuring printing is done on recycled paper.”

Click this link to see all the magazines available.  Click “More Magazines” at the bottom to see the next set.  You can alternatively browse by category, which are available on the left side.

It currently allows only one magazine subscription per email address.  There is a hack to register for more magazines per email. Subscribe first using the original email address. When your account is created at Zinio and credited with one year free subscription, do not log out.  Go to the magazines list again and register for another book by putting dot somewhere in your Gmail address.  Like, if your original Gmail address looks like, then register the second book with  By default, Gmail ignores dots in your email address.  So,, are same as yourname.  But, do not spam this offer, only subscribe to the books that you really need.

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