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By | December 24, 2010

My post on Telugu Rendering and Writing in Windows XP has been attracting lot of people from Google as it is on top for that search term. After enabling Telugu language support in Windows, the next thing comes into mind is a dictionary that can show the meaning in Telugu for English words.  People landing on that page often ask me about English-to-Telugu dictionary software to install on their PCs for offline usage as most of the English-to-Telugu dictionaries are online.

There are two English-to-Telugu dictionaries that I know.

1. Telugu to English Dictionary developed by Dileep and Pradeep

This is the first dictionary I have come across. It comes with an inbuilt Telugu phonetic writer too. You can do English to Telugu and Telugu to English searches.

* English and Telugu words can be searched
* Meanings of the words can be edited
* Words that doesn’t exist in database can be added by user
* Searched words will be stored in history
* An additional tool random word is given to display random words at configurable time interval
* An additional tool Telugu writer is given to write words in Telugu
* Configurable keyboard hotkey is added
* Search on hotkey enabled
* Word search includes results displayed from Wiktionary.Org

Get it here:

2. Nithya English-to-Telugu and Telugu-to-English Dictionary

This is an English-to-Telugu and Telugu-to-English database for a dictionary lookup progoram called GoldenDict.

First, you need to install the GoldenDict program and then you need to install the above databases to work.

The advantage of using this program is a featured called Scan popup. You can find Telugu meaning for a word in any application. Just hover the mouse on a word and an instant popup shows up the meaning in Telugu.  Click here for a screenshot.

1. Download the GoldenDict latest version on Downloads Page at
2. Get the dictionaries HERE.
3. Install GoldenDict.
4. Copy the databases into the GolenDict installation folder (C:\Program Files\GoldenDict if you are running Windows XP)
5. Click Edit>Dictionaries
6. In “Files” tab, click “Add” button on the right and select the installation folder where you dictionaries are available (C:\Program Files\GoldenDict in case you are using Windows XP).
7. Click the button “Rescan Now.” Once you press this button, it will add the dictionaries.
8. Close the program and restart.
9. You now will see two red book icons added along with Wikipedia button on the Navigation Bar.

10. Click on them to activate.
11. To enable the “Scan Popup” facility click on the “Scan Popup” button from navigation menu.

If you are having problems with installation, post them in comments. If you know any other working English-to-Telugu dictionary, let me know so that I can add to this post.

18 thoughts on “Free English to Telugu Dictionaries

  1. Alin

    This is very helpful post.
    But I’m a Bangladesh. So, I need a Bangla/Bengali dictionary database for ‘GoldenDict Dictionary’. Please, help me for this. And reply me very soon by my email address ‘’.
    Please, plz plz….

    1. Naveen Post author

      That info is not available on their sites. You need to install and see if it works on Win 7. Do post the one worked on Win 7, so that it can be helpful to others.

  2. angadi

    I am using windows 7, I am download the .php file and installation file is not there – pls explain installation in windows 7

  3. suresh

    i successfully istalled this but while am searching its doesn’t show telugu letter its shows only sqaure boxes

  4. nagaraju

    GoldenDict is not working. the language is not english and please help me how to install the goldendict as it has some helpful info.

  5. karthik sailendra

    Iam using Windows 10, i am able to install and load the dictionaries but i dont see the fonts/ telugu characters are coming, should i install any specific font


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