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By | January 26, 2012

I was scanning a book and wanted to make a PDF from all the scanned images. I searched the SourceForge and found this tiny software, which worked perfectly. I was able to turn all the images into a nice PDF.

This tool is called “Image2PDF,” a project on SourceForge. It is a free software. It is a Java-based command line tool. It also has option to rotate the image to best fit the image. You can specify if the images be turned to landscape or portrait while converting into PDF.

Usage: img2pdf [options] {image file name} [[options] {image file name...}] {output PDF file name}

-landscape        Force subsequent pages to landscape orientation.
-portrait         Force subsequent pages to portrait orientation.
-noimagerotate    Don't rotate the image orientation to best fit on the page.
-autoorientation  Force subsequent pages to portrait orientation. (Default)
-autoimagerotate  Rotate the image orientation to best fit on the page. (Default)

For example, if you have put this single .exe file into a “Test” directory in “C” drive, you need to put all images into that and supply the below command (of course, you need to be in the command line window and change the directory to C:\Test):  Assuming here all are jpg files.

img2pdf *.jpg MyBook.pdf

The above command will convert all jpg files in the C:\Test directory into MyBook.pdf

If you have trouble with this command line stuff, post queries in the Comments and I will answer them.

2 thoughts on “Free image to PDF converter

  1. demonkoryu

    Great find. LOL. Took about 1 min to download the thingie and convert 200 scans to a pdf (conversion itself took only a second!)
    Muchos gracias!


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