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By | October 25, 2009

I am a fan of tiny tools. I wrote about few feature-rich tiny tools including tiny screen zooming software, tiny browser, tiny ISO mounting software, etc.

Today, I was searching for a tool to edit mp3 tags and embed album art into the files and found this tiny tool with amazing features. “Mp3 Tag Tools” with a project name of “massid3lib” on SourceForge, is a tiny tool, just 281 KB, to batch edit mp3 files and embed the album art and lyrics directly into the mp3 file.


    • You can edit ID3V1.1 and V2.x, copy from one to another, and sync them.
    • Embed album art (album picture) and lyrics into the files.
    • Batch edit the tags and embed album picture.


    • At just a click of button, you can correct the case automatically.


    • “Clean Filenames” option will remove excess whitespace, capitalizes after symbols & prefixes.
    • Batch rename the files using a custom format.
    • Sort all the mp3 files into artist, album, genre or in combination formats. Very useful option to sort the songs according to artist or genre.


5 thoughts on “Free mp3 tag editor – batch embed album art and lyrics – Tiny tool

  1. Gopal

    Hi, Naveen Sir

    I Just Download This, But I want To make sure that its name is “mtt-v1.2.exe?”
    & is it work in full version not a demo?


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