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By | June 8, 2007

DivXHere is a good news! Now, you can get DivX Pro serial key for free from DivX site. Don’t know why they are offering it for free. Go to You can also download Mac version by clicking on the “Mac” link on the top right corner. Clear instructions are given on the site. During the installation, enter your email address to receive the serial key for it.

What is DivX®?
“A simple question like “What is DivX?” probably deserves a simple answer, so here it is: DivX is a digital media format like MP3 for video. DivX technology compresses video to a fraction of its original size for efficient storage on your hard drive and easy sharing online.

DivX is a common media language that delivers a pure digital experience, powering a whole range of video services and products that all work together. From video creation tools like Dr. DivX and the DivX Converter to media playback applications like the DivX Player and the DivX Web Player, DivX delivers a seamless PC video experience. Thanks to the DivX Certified Program, it also frees digital video from the PC allowing you to easily transfer any DivX video to a DivX certified device like a DVD player or portable video player so you can watch it on the living room TV, on your morning commute or almost anywhere else you can imagine.”

Update: The offer is no longer valid.

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  1. No Free Serieal

    I didn’t see anyting about a free serial key. Did they remove it?


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