Gmail attachment size is doubled

By | May 25, 2007

GmailPeople who use Gmail will be happy to hear that Google doubled the attachment’s size from 10 MB to 20 MB. You can also use Gspace extension in Firefox to upload bigger files into Gmail and use it as a file storage medium.

At the time of writing this post, Gmail’s storage capacity is 2856 MB (and counting).

One thought on “Gmail attachment size is doubled

  1. Amitav

    hey man i like the g space extension and have downloaded it
    i think it is a very nice thing to do and specially i will get a lot of help fgrom this cause a lot of my artworkds in PSD format were more than 10 MB so i had to split it and then send to my clients and also when i need to work on other comp cause we are freelaners and my work is done from different people in the world.


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