How to get a free US phone number

By | September 23, 2011

I needed a US phone number to register with a site as it only allows the people from US with a valid US phone number. We can use a US proxy to bypass the country limit, but how can we get a US phone number?

I know that for a fee, I can get a US phone number from Skype, but I wanted a free one as I will receive call only once. I ran searches in Google to find a free phone service. There were lot of suggestions, which does not work well. Some were not working and some sites disappeared. Some methods required me to register with a free SIP provider and then forward those calls to a free phone number provider.

So, tried a number of services and the best I found was VoxOx. Very simple registration will give you a free US phone number that you can use to receive calls. By subscribing to their plans, you can even make outgoing calls and they were cheap too. There were wonderful plans like US & Canada unlimited calling at Just $2.45 per month (3000 minutes fair usage policy applies).

You need to configure the client correctly to receive the calls, otherwise it does not work well.

Register on VoxOx and download the client.

Install it, run, and login with your credentials. Click on File>Preferences and in preferences window, select “Phone.”

Free US Phone NumberModify the options as you see below and you are done.

Free US Phone Number

Click for a bigger picture

Possible other uses:

  • If you run a cybercafe, you can offer US Phone Calls at Rs.2/minue and make 6K by subscribing to unlimited US and Canada phone calling pack at $2.45/month (approx. Rs. 150) 🙂
  • If somebody in your family is in US, give this number to him/her, so that they can call at anytime right from their mobile or land phone at a local call charge and you can also talk to them at just Rs.150 for 3000 minutes.

Testing Part:
If you want to see if it is working fine, use Evaphone to make a free call right from your browser.

9 thoughts on “How to get a free US phone number

  1. Soan

    That’s really cool. I have a question. Where will we receive the calls? On computer or the calls can be re-directed to india’s mobile phone number?

  2. Nitin

    We give us/uk mobile number for as low as 50$ which will be diverted to the indian mobile numbers,so need of skype use your normal phone to receive and make the calls.

  3. Abhi

    But the major problem with Voxox is that they don’t support SIP clients/HW. You have stick with their SW. Thats a major handicap.

  4. Bhavesh


    I want to get some income by working part-time.
    Do let me know if you know something.


    1. Naveen Post author

      Check,, and to see if you have any skills to sell there.

  5. Kennedy Oyoo

    Am a student taking computer Science course. And i have passion in Web design and developments. Please give me assignments i want learn more from you, you can give me some pages i create and forward to you as i learn to enable me add to my portfolio for job search. thanks waiting response

  6. satheesh

    Register a voxox or whistle phone number. Turn your ip into usa ip by hotspot shield. Now register for google voic using your voxox or whistle numbere. You can call any us number for free from gmail. And you can receive calls to gmail. Youll get missed call alert as emails when online. If you have an android device you can install groove ip and use it to receive and call using this number.


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