How to know from where the junk SMS has come from [Partially]

By | August 2, 2010

I always wondered what those two letters added to the sender name of a bulk/junk SMS refers to, like TA-ICICIBANK, BA-FORTUNE, etc. These days, the junk SMS has become a pain and I get unsolicited spam SMSes from Vastu consultant, Astrologer, Real Estate agents, LIC agents, which I have not opted to receive. Today, an article in Times of India says that these junk SMSes have reached an astounding number of 100 million a day sent throughout the country. As the SMS cost has become so cheap, it has become a low-cost marketing trick to reach the targeted customers.

As per TRAI, every bulk SMS must have 2 letters as initials: the 1st letter stands for the service provider sending SMS and the 2nd for location eg, TA is Tata Andhra, BA is BSNL Andhra, etc.

This is the complete chart:

Service Provider Code
Aircel D
Airtel A
BPL Mobile L
Loop Telecom L
Idea Cellular I
Reliance Comm R
Reliance Telecom E
Spice Comm P
Tata Teleservices T
Vodafone V

So, now you can find out the origination of bulk SMS using the above chart. If you are getting huge number of bulk SMS daily, register for National Do Not Call Registry and see if it can be of help.

7 thoughts on “How to know from where the junk SMS has come from [Partially]

  1. Nivas

    really this junk SMS are painfull. atleast we can track the sender as per the above information, thanks for the information.


    Hi Naveen,

    A stand for Andhra. Pls provide full chart of second letter as M stand for what?

  3. Gunasekaran Mani

    Good Blog, Myself a good advisor for tax related queiries as well as network & Hardware related queries
    Good work sir;

  4. Phani

    Hai i am getting sms with the nam LM – Saibaba very bad messages
    Can i traceout that number

  5. istiaq

    hi,naveen….i am getting messages from this num 53030 as missing u want 2 be with u can u plz suggest me that from where actually this messages are coming and can i trace out that number..


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