How to open .DAA files – PowerISO Images

By | March 29, 2009

cdToday, I downloaded a file that was having the file extension of DAA. I do not know what DAA is and a quick search on Google told me that it is a PowerISO disc image. Though I heard about PowerISO, I do not know that .DAA (Direct Access Archive) is PowerISO file’s extension.

PowerISO is a $30 commercial software to create, mount, and edit the disc images. .DAA is a proprietary format of PowerISO and not handled by other mounting or burning software.

Wikipedia article on DAA also contained links to the program, which can convert DAA image to an ISO image, which I can in turn open using 7-Zip. So, here it is.

DAA2ISO is a tiny program (just 47.4 KB), which can convert DAA image to an ISO image. Then, you can burn it to a CD using your own CD burner or view the files in it using 7-Zip or WinRAR. Mac users can download Mac port of this utility at Twilight Edge Software. Linux users can download command line tool from PowerISO website itself. Download the archive and run the exe file. It will open a file open dialog to locate the file and once selected, it will ask for the saving location. That’s all. It opens a DOS window and shows the progress. It was too fast and it has converted a 1 GB DAA file in less than two minutes.

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