IDwhois – Free WhoIs client for Windows

By | November 16, 2007

Yesterday, I have come across this fast and free WhoIs checking software, IDwhois. Before findings this, I was using another free client, which checks only few TLDs like .com, .net, .org, and .info. I use this software to check domain availability across different extensions.

It is too fast and checks nealry 130 gTLDs and ccTLDs. It has checked 500 domains in less than a minute. You can prepare the domains list in text format and upload it when you are ready, and also you can save the results into XML format too.

IDwhois Features :
– More than 130 TLDs to lookup
– Stand alone whois client
– Integrated Parser
– Export results on .HTML, .CSV or .XML for fast reporting
– Import domain name list from a .TXT file
– XML Configuration files to add or modify TLD settings / interfaced
– Multi thread WHOIS lookup
– WHOIS Request timer to avoid registrars/NICs time out
– multi-IP bridge lookup environment (avoid NIC black list)
– Rearrange the information in your whois results
– Tree view result
– Free online support by mail
– Proxy environment

Download it here.


What does “Who Is” mean?
WHOIS is a TCP-based query/response protocol which is widely used for querying a database in order to determine the owner of a domain name, an IP address, or an autonomous system number on the Internet. WHOIS lookups were traditionally made using a command line interface, but a number of simplified web-based tools now exist for looking up domain ownership details from different databases. Web-based WHOIS clients still rely on the WHOIS protocol to connect to a WHOIS server and do lookups, and command-line WHOIS clients are still quite widely used by system administrators. – Wikipedia

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