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By | June 5, 2007

JAlbumJAlbum is an easy-to-use album creator for your digital images. It comes with lots of skins and you can also download extra skins from the JAlbum website. It supports 31 languages. It has an in-built smart FTP to upload your photos directly to the website. Your host does not need to support php, mysql or any advanced features. It runs nicely with thumbnails, photos, and simple HTML files.

JAlbum creates index pages with thumbnails and slide shows from the images supplied. You can choose the folder or drag and drop the photos onto the software, choose the skin, press “Make Album”, and you are done with the sleek online photo album. You can add watermark, apply the filters, add logos to images, rotate them, and add borders. It also has a feature of “smart upload” that only uploads newly added files whenever you add some more photos to your old album. Moreover it’s a free software.

Some of its features:

» Ease of use. Just drag and drop an image folder and press “Make album”.
» Flexibility. While many competitors offer some degree of customization through user interface controls or simple templates, JAlbum allows you to generate virtually any imaginable album look as it allows the album designer to use any HTML mixed with JAlbum variables and interpreted java to define the album look.
» Works anywhere. With JAlbum you generate static HTML web albums so there is no need for extra software to view albums, not on the server side either (just a plain web server). You can put an album on a CD-ROM too if you wish.
» Runs anywhere. JAlbum is made in the Java programming language so it runs not only on Windows machines, but also on Macintosh OS X and Unix systems like Linux (That’s the “J” in “JAlbum”). Being a Java program it needs a VM (Virtual Machine) that adopts its code for each machine. I recommend Java 1.5 (or “Java5”) from www.java.com

Watch the sample album I have created with JAlbum at Geocities: http://www.geocities.com/naveenkumarmt/ It looks pretty nice…isn’t it?

Get JAlbum here: http://jalbum.net/download/

Have a look at the screenshots: http://jalbum.net/screenshots.jsp

Tutorials can be found here: http://jalbum.net/tutorials.jsp

For screenshots…Read Rest of the Post

Some of the screenshots I have taken while creating the sample album



5 thoughts on “JAlbum – Web photo album creator

  1. maryann

    Your album is lovely on Geocities… is this the free version of Geocities you are using?

  2. Naveen Post author

    Yes maryann!

    It is the free version. JAlbum also offering free hosting for your photos. The software has become more advanced and offers a lot of features as well as nice skins to publish online. Check their site.

  3. may

    Hi, I want to make a page with geocities, but I don´t know how to put the .jap archive ?¿?¿ Do you have to convert the archive in other extension or something like that?

  4. may

    ok, thanks… I see that when you create the album, then you have a .html.. that the file you can upload. Bye.


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