My Blog Reached 1k Subscribers :)

By | January 20, 2011

I am happy to announce that today my blog reached 1k subscribers.  Yesterday, it was at 999 (is it a lucky number 🙂 ).  Just now came from office and seen that animated feed counter on my blog showing  1002.  I know it is not an impressive number to lot of people, but still it is really a valuable number for me.  I usually get very less time as I have a full-time job and busy evening schedules with my freelancing web projects.   I wrote only 94 posts over these 3 years and 10 months and most of them are on the first page of Google for its keywords telling me that my posts are really of worth 🙂

So, how my blog came online?

Read this first post, dates back to 3/3/2007.  I acquired this domain through SnapNames in an auction.  Before that I was learning blogging on my first blog at Blogger, WaveNine.  I purchased hosting from DreamHost and installed the WordPress script on it.  So, learning the WordPress script and professional blogging both started with this domain.

What are the top posts in these 3 years and 10 months?

These are the best of best during these years and helped me to reach 1k subscribers.

And other stats…

Below is the screenshot of my WordPress dashboard showing the post, comment, category, tag count.  Till now, Akismet has caught 72,569 spam comments reducing the burden on me to go through every spam comment and delete it.  I am thinking to post an article when my comment spam reaches 1 lakh.  What you say?

My blog is currently serving around 1-lakh page requests per month consuming approx 15 gigabytes with a visitor count of approx 40k/month. Alexa rank for the world is 5,21,304 and for India, it is 57,302.

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