Online Free SMS Applications – With Address Book & Reminders

By | July 7, 2008

I used to use Krify SMS for all my free SMS needs, but as the time is passing on, new SMS sites have been coming up with lot of features. So, here is the review of two best applications I have been using for sometime. They also offer address book facility, so that you can store all your friends and family’s mobile numbers and just by typing few words, you can retrieve just like what you do while sending SMS on your mobile.


This is really a nice fast-loading site with Ajax touch. It offers address book as well as reminder facility. It also comes with predefined quick SMS templates. It sends the message within few seconds. It allows the users to send message up to 80 characters and they append an ad to the message sent using the rest of 80 characters. That is why, they chose 160by2 as their site’s name. 160 characters shared by user and the site.

They also offer features like address book and alerts. By using alerts, you can set reminders to be sent to your mobile. You can separate the alerts into three different predefined sections Birthday Alerts, Reminders, and Anniversary Alerts. This is my favorite option is 160by2. You can also create groups and send message at one click via web access or by sending from your mobile to a designated 160by2 member, which is available in the section >Contacts>My Groups

2. SMS Me – Orkut Application

SMS Me is also a free SMS application which is available as an application in Orkut. To start sending free SMS using this application, first you need to add this application in your profile. Click on the “Add Apps” on the left side right below your avatar. It will show a number of applications available to add. If your browsing Orkut in India, then the application will be in the second place right below the Slapster.

It also has address book facility and if your friend is also using this application in Orkut, then you can send SMS at one click without needing to remember his/her number.

If you know any better applications, please post in comments.

12 thoughts on “Online Free SMS Applications – With Address Book & Reminders

  1. ramesh

    I think you should provide more character limit. 80 characters are not enough to sent massage

  2. Naveen Post author


    As they are ad-supported and need to insert the ad in every free msg, there are taking half of the standard 160-character limit of SMS. I haven’t come across a free service that gives full 160 characters. If I come to know any, will post here.

  3. Sammy

    hi: am looking for a way i can back up my mobile phone address book online, without much hussles. This is what i am thinking, is it possible to compose my address book as an sms, send it to a particular number, which points to a server, sorts this message in two, (number and name) and stores them in my profile which is uniquely identified by my cell phone number. Later when for instance i loose my telephone and hence loose my addresses, once i get the replacement of my number from the provider i can send another sms to query from this server which return all the stored numbers in to my sms inbox and i can save them into my phone


  4. Naveen Post author


    I have never come across this facility and SMS allows only 120 characters to be sent at once. If you type more than that it will cut into SMSes of 120 each.

    What I do is purchase a prepaid SIM of a provider who is providing it for very less (most of the providers here in India offer initial connection at cheap rate) and store my address book on it and use that SIM as a backup. Whenever I think I have added or changed the telephone/mobile numbers, I will insert that “Backup SIM” and rewrite whole data into it. So, if you lose your mobile, you can always use this “Backup SIM” to restore the telephone book.

    As we don’t recharge the SIM, it will expire and you never incur any expenses for it.

    Do you have a much better idea than this? If yes, post it in comments.

  5. Praveen

    Hi im using n72,i downloaded the 160by2 aplication.Its a best service.But this aplication makin the mobile hang wen usin.0k plz do anythg thank u.

  6. dj

    dude how do these web apps work its just out of curiosity?
    i mean how do online free sms site work??
    any insite would be uselfull

  7. Naveen Post author

    Hi dj,

    I used to send msgs to Airtel and Orange mobiles through an email gateway where you send the SMS in the form of mail to email gateway which looks like Though it is not working now, I think these free SMS providers might have access to those gateways and can pass the SMSes.

  8. sammydimaculangan

    sir,do i may use also that applications in our country,how,is it fees to incurred in any sims cellphone owner,kindly send us more information,thanks//sam of the philippines.

  9. tintu

    hai iam tintu. these are the known things.
    but can you help me to add any of these service in my own website


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