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By | April 24, 2007

When I was in medical transcription training, we were provided with Quick Look Drug Reference for medicine search and its dosage details.  I was surprised to see its features.  It was extensive with all the drug names, brand and generic names, therapeutic category, usage, dose, and dosage forms.  We learned that a generic drug can be sold with different brand names produced by different companies.  For example: aspirin is a generic drug (original formula), which is available under brand names of Ascriptin, Bayer Aspirin, Easprin, Ecotrin, Halfprin, ZORprin, etc (in USA).

After looking at this electronic drug reference for American drugs, I thought that there will be an Indian electronic drug reference.  I searched a lot over the net for nearly one month, but was unable to find it. After passing through class training and on-job training, I was put on regular roles and started searching again.  While searching the Indian Medical Association website, I came to know about the site MedCLIK, which provides an online drug reference for Indian medicines.

Direct link for the Drug Dictionary:

In MedCLIK, besides the above information, they also indicate the manufacturers’ name and price.  I think it is very helpful.  If you know a brand, just key in and you can find the generic name of the drug and the list of brands available for that with price and company information.

You can see the below screenshot I have taken for brand search for “gentamicin,” an eye drops preparation.

Click the image for a larger view

Note: I am not a pharma student to answer your complex pharmaceutical questions. Please do not ask me to provide some brands data names in excel sheet or the copy of electronic drug reference. Please go to the above site and purchase it. Whatever I can provide, I have provided here. Need more? Then, log into MedCLIK and explore. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Needy

    Could you post a topic or a link from where a complete Indian Pharmacopeia for PC can be downloaded……

  2. kalyani

    can you please give me info on ashma inhaler cortico steroid containing,available in India? My mom used pulicort before and just heard that it is not available in India anymore. Are there equivalent ones?
    A big thank you.

  3. vijay kasi

    That site is tremendously useful. I have never been able to obtain details of drugs available in India through the web. This is awesome, Thanks.

  4. N.Srinivas


    I have been prescribed the following drugs after a mild stroke and I would like to know more about their function, what I should avoid in my diet to reduce risk of reactions etc.
    Deplatt A
    Aztor 20
    Amlopress AT
    Shelcal M
    Telma 40

    Please advise.

  5. Naveen Post author

    Hi Srinivas!

    I am not a doctor to give you an advice. I have given these details as a reference to know more about the drugs and their usage. Please consult your physician to know more about these drugs and do not follow anything available on the internet, it may be harmful.

    If you want to know more about the drugs you are prescribed, register at Medclik. Go to the “Brands” section and input the drug names. It will show you all the available branded drugs for the drug you entered. Below that you will see an option “Pharmacology of (Generic name of the drug)” and click on that to see the mechanism of action, side effects, contraindications, and precautions.

    Please refer to these sites to know more about the stroke:

  6. Dr Sujit Jos

    This site is very useful..Thanks naveen for the help

    Sujit Jos

  7. Ashwini Prasad

    Hello.. Thank u very much… Hey listen, how did u get the screenshot which u have uploaded here… do we have to purchase it or is it free online…

  8. allan dsa

    could you provide details about the limit tests procedure for sulphates, chloride, arsenic, lead as per Indian Pharmcopeia? The info is not available on the net and I cannot afford the expensive indian pharmacopeia.

  9. Naveen Post author

    @allan dsa

    I am not a science student to understand “limit tests procedure.” Please login to MedClik and see you can find any info.

  10. Naveen Post author


    You can purchase it in electronic form on CD from MedCLIK, It’s cost is Rs.1000/-

  11. Dr. Mandeep Randhawa

    I am in USA now and its hard and costly to find indian pharmacoepia there.And this site was really helpful to tell my patients in india the brand i want them to prescribe for their problem.
    thanks Naveen

  12. Naveen Post author

    @Bipin Nakarani

    I am not a since student to give you those details. Just login into the site and see you can get any useful info.

  13. rajeev

    can you give me the mrp of all inhalar,spacer,rotacaps of the brand “avessa “of ranbaxy

  14. Naveen Post author


    Login to the site and find it yourself. Just a quoted a site where you can find this info.

  15. samir

    i want comlete indian drug review on my laptop. what should i do?

  16. Naveen Post author


    You need to purchase the electronic dictionary on CD to install it in your laptop.

  17. Juned

    Thanks guys for info on mediclik. It is really useful.

  18. Jamil

    I want name & addresses of manufacturers of COLCHIINE containing formulations in INDIA

  19. Dr Bonny Zachariah

    Hey Naveen thank you for the help, the site medclik is really good. I now have a lot of info at my fingertip. once again thanks a lot

  20. Naveen Post author

    Go to generic drugs option and input colchicine. It will shows the brands available and their manufacturer details. Then, typing the company name in Google, you can have the details you wanted.

    Dr Bonny Zachariah
    Thanks for your kind comments.

  21. dr shivali

    hi i m shivali, i’ve recently cleared my dermatology pg and not much aware of trade names of DVL drugs kindly provide me with the latest used drugs in INDIA in dermatology. Thanx

  22. Mukesh

    Hello, Do u know anything about { Moxovas 0.2mg } ! It is a drud prescribed by a cardiologist to my grandfather for Hypertension saying it is the latest class of Drugs whic acts both on the CNS and Excretory Sytemic effects if any ! I searched every Pharmacy in my native place (Visakhapatnam) hearing a big ” V Dont Konw ” from all the pharmacists !

  23. Dr. Mukesh

    I searched on Google but it didnt yeild a single result to my surprise !

  24. Naveen Post author

    If you notice my earlier comments, you will know that I am not a since/medicine student. So, please log into MedClik and explore it.

    @Dr. Mukesh
    I did a quick search and didn’t find anything. It might be misspelled.

  25. talimoa

    i am searching for a drug by the name of “carboriv”. what is it and are there any substitutes?

  26. raghav

    hi naveen

    I need to know the drug name for combination of aceteminophin,aspirin and caffeine( its called Excedrin in USA)

    Thanks a lot

  27. ashwin

    Thank you for this information…. I have been scouring the net for info about a drug avaialble only in India – I hope I get details at the sitge mentioned by you. Thanx once again…

  28. kenneth reinhardt

    Help.I have sent a packet of life saving medicines for a baby in the U.S.A.these are the medicines sent the DHL agent ants the generic name for th following tablets/capsules.
    VETA K

  29. Naveen Post author

    @ raghav & kenneth reinhardt

    Please log into MedCLIK and find it yourself. It is very easy to use and you can search the drugs with both generic and brand names.

  30. vivekanand

    need a to z drug index including latest branded drug
    with salt,mrp,packing,trade and etc

  31. Trupti

    Thanks for the info .
    i need to know, if we can know the innovators tat launched the product.
    I need to search for innovator of some products in India. Can i get some help?

  32. Mariam

    Kindly let us know where can be NFS 60 cell line be available for performing bioassay of filgrastrim. As it is not available with ATCC.

  33. Naveen Post author

    I think you haven’t gone through the above comments. I am not a pharma student to understand what you are saying. Believe me I didn’t understand what you are requesting. Sorry!!!

  34. chinmay

    sir can you give me the list of the name of the marketed drugs which content acridine atom……….if you can pls help me……………..thanks

  35. sudhir

    Im working in QA in farma fresser
    could plz.provide the ans of following
    Imp checks in febrigation @ compression

  36. Naveen Post author

    @sudhir & chinmay
    I am commerce student and medical transcriptionist by profession. I am unable to provide answers to your questions as I didn’t understand those.

    Thanks for visiting!

  37. frank

    I don’t think the Medclik section for Online drug search is still there. Any other website for looking up medication info?

  38. Naveen Post author


    It seems that they are redesigning the site. I hope they will make it available online again.

  39. vivek

    dear sir,
    please refer me a site which contains a review of all the medicine…..


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