Open source download accelerator – wxDownload Fast

By | December 7, 2008

Say goodbye to commercial download accelerators.  Here comes open source application ”“ wxDownload Fast.  As my system got crashed few days ago due to power fluctuations, I had to repair the system and install the OS and lot of applications freshly. I have become open source applications fan and have been trying alternatives to the commercial applications.

Now, it is the time for testing an application for download accelerator and found wxDownload Fast, which is working great for me.  It is built using C++ and available for Windows XP and Linux.  It has all the features that commercial products have like segmented/multi-threaded/accelerated transfers, scheduling the download, file organizing, pause and resume, proxy support, etc.  It also available in a potable format, which does not need installation, so you can try it without installing or can carry on a USB.  It also calculates the MD5/SHA1 checksum of downloaded files so they can be easily verified.

The only thing it is missing is browser integration.  It does not automatically integrates into IE or Firefox.  If you want to integrate wxDownload Fast with Firefox, you first need to install FlashGot and select wxDownload Fast as external download manager.  You can always copy the link location by pressing right mouse button and selecting “Copy Link Location” and when you click “New” in wxDownload Fast, it will automatically recognizes the download link from clipboard.  Get it here.

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