Tiny browser (Browzar) now with tabbed browsing

By | December 10, 2007

BrowzarBrowzar is a tiny browser that is only 220K in size and a standalone application. Just click and run, no installation needed. It is mainly aimed at browsing the net with privacy. It dose not store any cookies, cache, or browsing history, so you don’t need to worry about the traces that browsers normally leave. It is too small and you can carry it on a USB stick to browse the net safely at net cafés.

When I wrote about the Browzar for first time in December of 2006 on my WaveNine blog, I pointed out the downside to change the default homepage, which was set to Ask. Now, the new version does allow the user to change homepage and the interesting thing is that it supports tabbed browsing.

Browzar is becoming thin as it is growing. It was 273K when it was introduced and now it is only 220K with more number of features. It is currently available only for Windows with two themes, black and silver. Mac OS X and Linux versions are on the way.

Browzar Screenshot

Browzar’s home page: http://www.browzar.com/
Read all the features here: http://www.browzar.com/keyfeatures/index.html
Download it here: http://www.browzar.com/download/index.html

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