WordPress Theme and Plugins that power My Blog – Part II

By | February 18, 2013

wordpressThis is a follow-up post to my previous Part-I post where I told about the theme I am using for this blog. This post describes various plugins I use to give additional features to the core WordPress script.

1. Akismet: This spam-prevention plugin comes default with every WordPress installation. Comment spam is a huge problem that every blogger or website has to face. Akismet automatically blocks all those spam comments and saves you a lot of time. It is a must for every WordPress installation.
2. All-in-one SEO Pack: This is the SEO plugin I use for displaying a specific description about my blog in search results instead of showing the latest post. Just type “naveen.info” in Google and see to understand what I am saying. It has various other SEO options too.
3. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator: It is used for showing a sitemap of my blog. I configured it to show a list of all posts sorted by category. Check it in action here: https://naveen.info/sitemap/
4. Delete-Revision: WordPress automatically stores a revised version of each post when modified and if you have lot of posts, then these revisions may count 2 or 3 times more than that. This helps me in deleting those revisions with one click.
5. Fast Secure Contact Form: This plugin is used for the contact form of my blog with captcha support to help prevent spam submissions.
6. Hyper Cache: This is the cache plugin I use to help caching the pages thus by reducing the server load and calls to MySQL database.
7. No Self Pings: When you link another post from your blog in a new post, it creates a trackback below the old post. This plugin helps in creating those trackbacks.
8. Real-Time Find and Replace: This is a wonderful plugin. You can replace or remove the text dynamically without manipulating the database before sending it to the browser. I use it to replace the image, CSS, and Script URLs with CDN image URLs to decrease the load on server. It has lot of uses and check few here.
9. Subscribe To Comments: This plugin keeps the readers engaged by allowing them to subscribe to comments of a post. Whenever a new comment is posted, an e-mail is sent to the subscribers.
10. The Slide by SimpleReach: This plugin shows up related posts as a slide in at the bottom of every page.
11. Wordfence Security: Wondeful and must have security plugin for every WordPress site. It scans the core files and plugin files periodically to check for the code injections. Also, checks DNS changes, scans posts and comments for dangerous URLs. It also has variety of other security options too.
12. WP Greet Box: It helps to show various greeting messages depending on the referral URL. You can use it to increase the RSS feed subscriptions and also social network submissions.
13. WP Socializer: I use it to show various social bookmarking and sharing buttons. It comes with a nice-looking floating sharebar.
14. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: This is the plugin I use to show the related posts at the bottom of each post.
15. GoCodes: You can create short URLs with this plugin within your WordPress dashboard. Useful to insert long and ugly URLs in your posts.

Need a plugin suggestion for a specific task? Post it in the comments and I will gladly help you.

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