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By | December 9, 2007

OrkutThese days I am heavily experimenting with GreaseMonkey scripts. This week I found few good scripts. I have already started explaining these scripts with my LiveLeak post.

Second in the series is an Orkut Indic transliteration script, which enables writing scraps in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Malyalam. This script actually calls the Google’s Indic Transliteration module and shows the tool below the scrap box. It is very nice and transliterates almost exactly.

For this we need Firefox, GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox, and Scrapbook Transliteration script.

Read my previous post about installing GreaseMonkey in Firefox. Now go to the Scrapbook Transliteration Script on Userscripts.org and click on the black button “Install this script.” GreaseMonkey instantly recognizes it and comes up with a window asking for confirmation. Click “Install” and you are done. Now go to your scrapbook and you will see “Show Indic Transliteration” link below the scrap box.

Orkut-Indic Transliteration

Click to open the window and go on typing the words in English and it will on the fly converts them into the selected language.

Orkut-Typing in Telugu

When you finish typing, copy and paste it into the scrapbox and hit “Post Scrap.”

Update Dec 06, 2008: Orkut now supports typing in Indic languages.  No need of this extension.

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