You might be downloading adware and spyware with torrents !

By | October 19, 2008

If you are downloading cracked versions of software or pirated music from torrents, be careful.  You might be installing adware and spyware with the cracked/patched software.

Recently while going through the webmaster forums, I have noticed a black hat method to make money from torrents, binding pay-per-install software with the cracked software or pirated music files.  There are companies who pay the webmasters and site owners for installing their software, typically 10 cents to a dollar.  These are called pay per install and may contain adware and/or spyware, which shows obtrusive ads or tracks the user’s browsing behavior.

So, do not forget to scan the software downloaded through torrents before installing.  Use AVG anti-virus free edition, which has inbuilt anti-spyware.

These days, open source moment is caught up and there are a bunch of good applications available.  These are free software and continuously developed by a huge community.  You can also suggest features that, you think, make the software more useful.

I have already dumped Internet Explorer for Firefox, MS Office for OpenOffice, and SnagIt for Photoscape.  I will review more free applications whenever I get free time, so subscribe to my feeds and get all my posts delivered directly into your Inbox.

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    It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in your field.


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