Free software to increase system volume

By | June 23, 2012

I have been noticing that one of my systems’ volume is very low compared to the other. I have checked all the settings to increase it, but in vain. Then, done a search for the freeware tools to increase the volume and found this little software, which found that I am using only half of the volume of my system. The volume controls were showing wrongly as full.

This software is called VolumeTouch, which primarily aims at increasing and decreasing the system volume using the keyboard and mouse. You can assign a specific key combination to initiate the control and then using arrow keys or mouse scroll, you can control the system volume.

But, the interesting thing was when I double clicked the tray icon of VolumeTouch, it opened Master Volume showing the exact volume I was using.  So, if you think your system’s volume is low, you can try this software and see whether it is the maximum you can get.

Software: VolumeTouch
Site URL: (showing “Not Found” error at the time of writing)
Download: Click Here

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